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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Mark Read the Book

So, Mark read the book, and I can tell you there is just about no better feeling than hearing the love of your life laugh out loud while he’s reading your stuff. … Laugh at the funny parts, I mean.

You Know What’s Interesting?

There’s a scene during the (wildly disappointing) final season of the Sopranos that sticks with me. Christopher, a recovering drug addict, is dating another addict who he met in rehab. They have fallen off the wagon together, and are sitting around her living room, doped out of their minds. Christopher turns to her and says, [...]

Naming Scenes

So, to lead myself through the endless quagmire that is Making-A-Sensible-Plot-Out-Of-All-My-Ideas, I’ve created a Master Excel file. In it, each scene has a name, along with a word count, plot summary, and notes on possible revisions. One of the fun parts is trying to think of names for the scenes: names that are evocative enough [...]

Writing the Breakout Novel

I recently read Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass, along with its companion workbook. I actually liked the workbook better. It had a lot of good exercises, although be warned: they’re not easy. Basically what really appeals to me about this book is its incredibly high standards. Your character must be not just good, [...]

Research Week

So, I’m a little over halfway done with the book… 43,000 words. I feel like it’s missing something, though, so I’m taking a week off from writing to (1) let some ideas marinate and (2) let Mark finish reading the thing, so I have someone to talk to about the plot. I really needed to [...]