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Monthly Archives: November 2008

A Very Leftover Thanksgiving

So Mark and I were on our own for Thanksgiving. We had a turkey breast in the freezer that we planned to cook up for a small Thanksgiving meal, until Mark made this comment: “Why don’t we skip the meal and just go right to the leftovers?” It was brilliant. While we both enjoy Thanksgiving [...]

1920s Slang

For my book I’ve done research into a lot of subjects, including 1920′s slang. People in the 20′s, like people of every time period, had their own unique way of making themselves understood. “Horesefeathers!” they might say, or “None of your beeswax!” “That’s the cat’s pajamas!” Fast forward to the 2000′s. (The Aughts? The Zips? [...]

Bridge Building 101

You know that feeling you get when you sit down at your desk in the morning? That ugh, I don’t want to be here, maybe I should get some cocoa or browse around the interwebs, blah, mornings suck kind of feeling? If you don’t, you’re luckier than me. That’s how I feel pretty much every [...]

My Character Formula

Characters are arguably the most important part of writing, especially for someone who’s hoping to be a series author. So, naturally, I do a lot of thinking (and analyzing and obsessing) about them. I think I’ve finally arrived at my Grand Unifying Theory of Character. Step One: Two Defining Characteristics. They don’t have to go [...]

Here’s To Misery!

Recently I’ve been having a lot of trouble staying on task. I’m approaching the end of the book (or at least the end of the first draft), but for some reason it’s become really hard to run this last lap. For help, I looked to Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art, which was rated reasonably [...]

Dream a Little Dream

Did you ever have a really good idea for a story when you were asleep? Or, at least, an idea that you thought was really good — until the sleep haze wore off and you realized that the storyline that was so captivating in your dream doesn’t… well… make any sense whatsoever? This happens to [...]

Tag! I’m it!

So, Becky over at Suburban Matron tagged me, which means I am now obligated to (1) post seven interesting facts about myself and (2) tag somebody else, if I can think of anyone to tag. So, forthwith: Seven Facts About Jane 1. My husband, Mark, is precisely nine months older than me. We like to [...]