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Monthly Archives: October 2009


I’ve been doing Jillian Michael’s famous 30 Day Shred for about… oh, 30 days now, though I have to admit those days have not been precisely consecutive. And it seems to be working. Jillian performs twenty-two minutes of exercises along with her assistants: Natalie, who models the hard version of the exercise, and Anita, who [...]

In Which I Get Angry

The web has been buzzing over the past few days with news of a horrifying gang rape outside a high school homecoming dance. The details of the crime are absolutely staggering: as many as twenty male students watched as a 15-year-old girl was raped and beaten for over two hours. This event comes just a [...]

In Which the Web is Awesome

OK, you already knew that the web was awesome, right? But perhaps you don’t truly appreciate the depth of its awesomeness. Like how you can get from one teensy granule of information to the exact knowledge you’re seeking. I was looking for a paragraph. Just a random graf, from a random page in a random [...]

And…. I’m Back

I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for almost two months now. Sorry to disappoint you, Mom! But I had gotten my groove back, writing wise, and I didn’t want any distractions. Now that I’m settled into the groove, I’m back to blogging. More tomorrow, but for now I’ll just mark my return with: Three Things [...]