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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Flax Seed Meal Acquired

Conversation at 1:24 this morning: Mark: “Do you want this flax seed meal that’s in the Amazon cart?” Me: “Ooh.  I don’t know.  I think so.” “It sounds weird.” “I was just planning to put it in our morning oatmeal.” “Okay.  Why do we want flax seeds again?” “They’re a high source of omega 3′s.  [...]

Life of a Bridge Bunny

Mark and I are in Sarasota, Florida this week for a bridge competition.  Well, Mark is here for a bridge competition.  I’m here to lounge around in the hotel room and use the sauna. Our friend, Robert, is a bridge pro.  Like, yes, there are bridge pros.  Bridge isn’t like poker; there’s not a lot [...]

Working Out

Have y’all heard of this phenomenon called “co-working?”  The idea is that just because you are a work-at-home entrepreneur doesn’t mean you want to be cut off from all human contact.  So instead of working at home, you work at an office building, renting space there along with several other entrepreneurs.  And you can talk [...]

Are We Still Doing Resolutions?

My computer organization is still ongoing (or slow-going, as the case may be (and in fact is)).  One of the files I’ve come across is this rather depressing list. Things I Want More of in my Life Healthy food Home-cooked meals Work Reading Exercise Regular sleeping hours Keeping up with family and friends Cleanliness Why [...]