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Monthly Archives: May 2010

The iPad for Writers: A Review

My full Query Me This submission is now up at The Public Query Slushpile, along with nine others. I haven’t had a chance to read through all of them yet, but it looks like there’s some good stuff. I wrote the entire submission, query and pages, on my iPad, as a sort of experiment. I [...]

Lines on a Spreadsheet, Lines in the Sand

I’m sending more queries this week. I still have one full manuscript out from my last round of submissions, but that is no reason not to keep the ball rolling. In the past, I’ve collected a few names of agents I was really excited about, and queried them. Then, when it’s time for me to [...]

Wednesday Liveblogging: Query Me This

So, today I’m launching a new “feature” on this blog: Wednesday Liveblogging. Every Wednesday, come Hell or high water (but possibly not Boot Camp) I will spend a full eight hours liveblogging. Hopefully it will give me a lot of accountability, without having quite the paralyzing effect that trying to write a full story while [...]

Harold’s Coming Out Party

Last night my writing group met. Along with the latest sections from Newshound’s and Poetess’ novels, we discussed my recent story. I wound up getting a lot of praise for this story, which surprised me, because I still thought it was kinda marshy and weak in the middle. People loved the concept. The Poetess said [...]

Liveblogging, Fin (For Realsies)

Ok, whew.  I’m back to liveblogging, and rather sorry for punking out on it last week.  One of the plusses, and minuses, of a writing group is that it’s like writing with someone looking over your shoulder.  That provides a lot of accountability, which is great, but it also provides a lot of pressure, and [...]

Liveblogging… Again?

I am going to finish this story if it kills me. Harold’s story has been a very difficult one for me to write.  Dude is seriously the hardest protagonist I’ve ever worked with.  Here are a few of the reasons: Harold is male, elderly, and severely handicapped.  I cannot claim a lot of experience with [...]

I Don’t Know What I Been Told

Last night I was searching for my iPad. “I think it’s downstairs,” Mark said. “I was just wondering whether I had any email. Perhaps from a Mr. Card?” “Mr. Card?” “Comma Orson Scott.” I knew the deadline for acceptances to Literary Boot Camp was fast approaching, and I was getting a little antsy. But when [...]

Liveblogging, Fin

Three days before my deadline.  Time to get this story done. What I’ve got: Ten and a half pages, about half of which are up to my standards What I need: About ten more pages, plus a good deal of polish 3:11 PM: Sitting here at Borders, ready to get started. 3:12 PM: Got my [...]

Now I’m a Believer

This week I got a late birthday present, in the form of the latest from that purveyor of excellence, Apple. That’s right, folks, I am the proud owner of the first iPad on my block. I have to say, I wasn’t prepared to love it as much as I do. It is, in a word, [...]