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Liveblogging, Fin (For Realsies)

Ok, whew.  I’m back to liveblogging, and rather sorry for punking out on it last week.  One of the plusses, and minuses, of a writing group is that it’s like writing with someone looking over your shoulder.  That provides a lot of accountability, which is great, but it also provides a lot of pressure, and sometimes that pressure can get more than a touch negative.

And I’ve found this to be a plus and minus of liveblogging as well.  I’d like to do it again in the future, but I don’t think I’m going to commit to seeing a whole project through with it again.

Here’s where I am with Harold’s story: About one scene farther that I was when last we spoke of it.  Can I just say: What a difference a scene makes!  I am currently deep into The Scene, the scene I first envisioned when I started this story, the scene I’ve been writing toward the whole time.  It’s the scene where Harold reaches out and makes a connection.  Right now, the words are flying (which is good, because I have a Writing Group Deadline I’m already pushing).

2:39 PM: Getting in some good voice-y bits for Harold.  In a later draft, I’ll need to make sure these are more present throughout.

3:07 PM: Inventing a richer history for Harold.

3:21 PM: Done with The Scene, and it wasn’t too bad if I do say so myself.  I thought there’d only be one more to write after this, but it turns out there’s two.

3:29 PM: Argh, not a plot snafu!  Not now!

3:34 PM: Solved.

3:44 PM: Penultimate scene down.  Ultimate scene: engage!

4:26 PM: One last big emotional moment.  Come on.  Get there.

4:50 PM: Hallelujah.  It’s done.

So, let me wrap this up.  That story took an insanely long time to write.  In-sane-ly.  Part of the trouble was that it’s been a while since I wrote a short story; I’ve been an exclusively novel girl for four or so years now.  It’s just sort of a different thing.

And part of it is that is was just an inherently challenging story.  At any rate, I am very happy to have a draft of it complete.  I’ll see what my writing group has to say about it tomorrow.  Despite the fact that this first draft is slightly rough, I have high hopes for the final version.

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