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Liveblogging Friday: More Snow

I’ve spent the past week toiling away on another project, and now I am back to working on Character Storylines for my sequel.  There is a lot of work to be done here, but it is fun work, the kind of work that I most enjoy doing.

3:35 PM: Ok.  I feel like I can really get Gallo nailed down today.  There’s a major hanging plot thread from the last book that he needs wrapped up, as well as the things he’s got going on in this book.  Integrating these things will probably be my toughest challenge, planning-wise.

4: 38 PM: Argh, I am so distracted today!  Ok.  Seriously.  Gallo.

5:31 PM: Break for… uh, a meal.  What do you call a cross between lunch and dinner?

6:28 PM: Back.  So, what I have accomplished so far today is mostly… invisible work.  The sort of stuff that is necessary, but results in absolutely zero words on the page.  As much as I know this part needs to happen, I find it frustrating.  It leaves me feeling like I’ve done a big pile of nothing.

8:41 PM: All right.  That was not the best day of liveblogging.  But I think for better or worse, it’s over.

1. Alternate exercise machine with collecting beetles

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