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Category Archives: Film

Uxoriousness (Uxoriosity?)

Yesterday, Mark and I watched 9.  You know, that kid’s movie with the kickass trailer that looked like it was going to be so, so amazing? Many parts of it were.  It was a fabulously original film with great graphics, cool action sequences, and a really wonderful hook.  The plot built, engaged, twisted, and then [...]

OMG Star Trek OMG

What can I say about the new Star Trek movie? I mean, what CAN I say about the new Star Trek movie? Because the last thing I would want to say is anything that might spoil it for anyone. So I will simply try out a new maxim I’ve been floating around in my head [...]

Jane’s Guide to the Male Psyche

Not too long ago A&E decided to run a Sylvester Stallone marathon over the weekend. Mark and I happened to turn it on during Rocky II, and since neither of us had seen it and both of us had work we were trying to avoid, we went ahead and watched. And as we did, I [...]