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Category Archives: Historical Fiction

Racism, Realism, and the 20th Century

Writing a book that takes place in 1928 requires certain adjustments. Adjustments in my way of thinking, but also in my way of using words. Kitty uses “O.K,” not the more modern spelling “okay.” She would never dream of taking the Lord’s name in vain. And when she wants to call bullshit, she calls “applesauce” [...]

A Loaf of Bread Cost What?

Ever wondered how much your house would have cost in 1880? 1900? 1930? Now you can find out, with this handy dandy Inflation Calculator. I only wish I had found this resource a year ago. I’ve been limping along by assuming the dollar was worth about ten times its current value in 1928; turns out [...]

1920s Slang

For my book I’ve done research into a lot of subjects, including 1920′s slang. People in the 20′s, like people of every time period, had their own unique way of making themselves understood. “Horesefeathers!” they might say, or “None of your beeswax!” “That’s the cat’s pajamas!” Fast forward to the 2000′s. (The Aughts? The Zips? [...]