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Liveblogging Friday: More Snow

I’ve spent the past week toiling away on another project, and now I am back to working on Character Storylines for my sequel.  There is a lot of work to be done here, but it is fun work, the kind of work that I most enjoy doing. 3:35 PM: Ok.  I feel like I can [...]

Liveblogging Thursday: Character Storylines

Well, here I am, on Step Five of the Snowflake Method. Can I just say, I am loving it? Here’s the thing about the Snowflake Method: it breaks your novel up into discrete chunks you can deal with. Trust me when I say that you cannot hold the plot of your entire novel in your [...]

Liveblogging Thursday: Pretty, Pretty Snowflakes

I am still working on plans for The Big Life: The Sequel.  I thought today I’d try to work few a few steps of Randy Ingermanson’s Snowflake Method, which is a sort of well-known novel-planning guide bandied about on the interwebs.  I definitely recommend clicking over and having a look, but essentially it is an [...]

Liveblogging Thursday: Let’s Talk About Sex

Today I thought I would work on plans for my second novel, the sequel to the Big Life.  I have a few scenes written for it, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that I need a firmer plan. Two nights ago my writing group workshopped the first couple of scenes.  And we wound up having a [...]

Liveblogging Thursday: One Sentence

So, earlier this week I talked about tanking my first scene.  I’ve spent the intervening days making necessary tweaks to chapters 1-5 to account for this lack of first scene-age, but there’s still one remaining problem. The first sentence of Scene 2 is now the first sentence of the book.  And while it’s a perfectly [...]

Liveblogging Thursday: Home Sick Home

Ok, sorry for punking out on the whole Liveblogging Wednesday thing yesterday.  I had a lot of stuff going on, and people coming over in the evening.  Suffice it to say, I dropped the ball. That’s ok, because today we have the new, better, extra special Liveblogging Thursday.  Today I’m going to be working on [...]

Liveblogging Wednesday: In With The New

3:50 PM: And we have a very late start to Liveblogging Wednesday this week.  Sorry about that. Today I plan to start on a new book.  Not the sequel to my current book, but a whole new project, something Mark and I dreamed up during our what-would-you-do-if-you-had-to conversation last week.  I’m still mostly interested in [...]

Liveblogging Wednesday: This and That, and Also Sex and the City

It’s time for another Liveblogging Wednesday.  I’m having a hard time deciding what to liveblog today.  I could work on revisions to my query letter.  Or I could work on the initial pages for the sequel to my novel. But what I really, really want to write is a pan of Sex and the City [...]

Liveblogging, Fin (For Realsies)

Ok, whew.  I’m back to liveblogging, and rather sorry for punking out on it last week.  One of the plusses, and minuses, of a writing group is that it’s like writing with someone looking over your shoulder.  That provides a lot of accountability, which is great, but it also provides a lot of pressure, and [...]

Liveblogging… Again?

I am going to finish this story if it kills me. Harold’s story has been a very difficult one for me to write.  Dude is seriously the hardest protagonist I’ve ever worked with.  Here are a few of the reasons: Harold is male, elderly, and severely handicapped.  I cannot claim a lot of experience with [...]