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Category Archives: The State of Publishing

Ramona Quimby, Age Fifty-Five

The new movie based on Beezus and Ramona is out this weekend.  I don’t really know much about it, but I think I can predict it’ll be a big financial success.  As near as I can figure, every little girl has read this book for the last fifty years.  When I posted the following on [...]

Three Conversations About Self-Publishing

With my friend Becky, about six months ago.  My summation:  “I dunno.  I think if I couldn’t get published traditionally, I’d have to take a good, hard look at my work.” With my writing group, Wednesday night.  My summation: “I think it’s a path to publication that is opening up for some people, like bloggers [...]

Now I’m a Believer

This week I got a late birthday present, in the form of the latest from that purveyor of excellence, Apple. That’s right, folks, I am the proud owner of the first iPad on my block. I have to say, I wasn’t prepared to love it as much as I do. It is, in a word, [...]

In Case You Haven’t Heard, Vampires Are In

Take a look at this snap of the Teen section at the good ol’ B&N and tell me if you see what I see. I see a metric ton of red, black, and purple. A good assortment of chillingly beautiful, yet otherworldly faces. And confirmation that vampires aren’t just a thing in teen fiction anymore; [...]