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There May be Puke on Me: A Mother’s Tale

Ever since Story was born, we’ve been very lucky with her health. She has been a robust and bright-eyed baby. Even on the rare occasions where she’s been under the weather, she’s remained essentially herself: chipper and sweet and up for anything. I remember a week when she was about five months old, all three of us [...]

The Nitty Gritty of Midwife Selection

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last two years interviewing midwives—first in Georgia, for Story’s birth, and now in Seattle, for the birth of my seond child. And so I’ve given a lot of thought to how to find one I really like. There are plenty of places on the web where you [...]

She Also Pooped in the Bath

Today Story: 1. Hugged another child for the first time. 2. Tried to put her own sock back on (and failed miserably, but I felt the effort was worthy of praise). 3. Scrambled to gobble up the Cheerios under her high chair when she saw me getting out the vacuum. These are the days.

Plus or Minus One

Last month I had to take a test. It was tying me up in knots, even though there was only one question on it. Story was eight months old, and Mark and I had been trying to conceive again ever since my period came back, at four-and-a-half months postpartum. Maybe this will seem to you [...]

I Live Near *******, Washington

The Raveylmipics start today. Or rather, they ought to. Instead they have been crushed into dust. See, the Ravelympics was a fun little idea dreamed up by the people on Ravelry. What is Ravelry? Well, it is the best website I have ever seen. I am not even exaggerating. If you measure a website by [...]

Prime Abuse

The Kalmes clan is starting to feel settled in here in Seattle. We’ve found the library, a few restaurants we like, and are generally starting to feel at home, despite the kid who stands on the sidewalk outside our apartment every night, smoking and wearing a t-shirt that reads, “Your Mom Should Have Swallowed.” Dude [...]

Primordial YA

It’s been a fairly typical week around the ol’ Kalmes household. One of the cats puked while sitting on the cabinets on top of the fridge. Apparently she was going for distance as well as volume. It was a nice mess, and it didn’t reveal itself in its true enormity until I had already volunteered [...]

This is Motherhood

You put a leftover waffle in the microwave for thirty seconds. An hour later, you eat it.

The Grateful Dead Tired

Story and I are visiting the ‘rents in Texas this week. It’s a hot summer in the Lone Star State, the kind where my chocolate bar becomes pliant on the walk from the store to the car, and where I go around the house all day with my hair wet at the roots for no [...]

I Sent All My Clean Underwear to Texas

This week, Story and I are heading down South, to visit with the family while my globe-trotting sister, Kate, is briefly in the country. We have been able to travel quite a bit since Story’s birth, and it is all due to my aunt, who works at American Airlines and lets us use her “non-rev” [...]