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Category Archives: Writing Group

Liveblogging Thursday: Let’s Talk About Sex

Today I thought I would work on plans for my second novel, the sequel to the Big Life.  I have a few scenes written for it, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that I need a firmer plan. Two nights ago my writing group workshopped the first couple of scenes.  And we wound up having a [...]

Three Conversations About Self-Publishing

With my friend Becky, about six months ago.  My summation:  “I dunno.  I think if I couldn’t get published traditionally, I’d have to take a good, hard look at my work.” With my writing group, Wednesday night.  My summation: “I think it’s a path to publication that is opening up for some people, like bloggers [...]

Harold’s Coming Out Party

Last night my writing group met. Along with the latest sections from Newshound’s and Poetess’ novels, we discussed my recent story. I wound up getting a lot of praise for this story, which surprised me, because I still thought it was kinda marshy and weak in the middle. People loved the concept. The Poetess said [...]

Smackdown: Literary vs. Genre

Last night, my writing group hit a bit of an awkward moment.  Outlander was talking about having read a Michael Connely novel, and I commented that Michael Connelly is the mystery writer’s mystery writer.  He is the person people describe as their major influence, their hero, their dream blurb.  And I said that I thought [...]

Ode to a Writing Group

When you know you’ve met someone special, you don’t want to ever let them go. That’s the way it is with me and my current writing group. We started seeing each other more than five years ago when I lived in San Jose. And though it’s now a long distance relationship, somehow we manage to [...]