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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Jane’s Guide to the Male Psyche

Not too long ago A&E decided to run a Sylvester Stallone marathon over the weekend. Mark and I happened to turn it on during Rocky II, and since neither of us had seen it and both of us had work we were trying to avoid, we went ahead and watched. And as we did, I [...]

Baby Needs a New Car

So, it’s official. The insurance company totaled my Beetle. The Beetle was a good car, and I’m sorry to see it go. But it wasn’t perfect. It was a bit too small in the back for passengers. Two doors aren’t as convenient as four. And it was seriously behind in cupholder technology. So instead of [...]

New Scenes

As revealed in my last post, I am adding ten new scenes to my book during the revision process. They are: 1. Kitty Meets Fiore 2. The Magic Playhouse 3. Nino Says No 4. Aunt G, Kidnapper at Large 5. Big Boss Man 6. Lawyer Up 7. Getting an Earful 8. Gladys Takes a Licking [...]

Good News, Bad News

Good News: I’ve finished my Comprehensive List of Revisions to Make. Bad News: It’s long. Good News: I am adding ten scenes and eliminating four. The extra six should easily make up the additional five thousand words I want to add to the book’s length. Bad News: I have to write them. Good News: There [...]

Character of the Day

It’s time for another character from the Deck of Many Things. Virtue: Crafty Flaw: Insipid Dude, what is the deal here? Last time I pulled Skilled/Incompetent? And this time it’s Crafty/Insipid? Not to be deterred, I soldier on. Jamie Lynn Jameson Sixteen-year-old blonde bombshell and pageant queen. Loves kittens, curling irons, and unicorn stickers. Extremely [...]

Manifesto Monday: Mistakes

Last Saturday I was on the way to the bookstore to score some new reading material for the weekend. I never got there. Right after I pulled onto the highway, the car started shuddering. Bad. Ok, I thought, you just have to make it to the next exit. Then you can call Mark to come [...]