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Category Archives: Off Topic

Flax Seed Meal Acquired

Conversation at 1:24 this morning: Mark: “Do you want this flax seed meal that’s in the Amazon cart?” Me: “Ooh.  I don’t know.  I think so.” “It sounds weird.” “I was just planning to put it in our morning oatmeal.” “Okay.  Why do we want flax seeds again?” “They’re a high source of omega 3′s.  [...]

Life of a Bridge Bunny

Mark and I are in Sarasota, Florida this week for a bridge competition.  Well, Mark is here for a bridge competition.  I’m here to lounge around in the hotel room and use the sauna. Our friend, Robert, is a bridge pro.  Like, yes, there are bridge pros.  Bridge isn’t like poker; there’s not a lot [...]

Government Efficiency

Whenever I decide to sell my house, I guess I get to sell it as a 2.75 bath instead of a 2.5.  That’s because about a month and a half ago Atlanta brought me an early Christmas present in the form of a porta-potty for my lawn.  And at this point, I guess it’s here [...]

Hundredth, and Final, Post

Ok, I confess, that was a bit of a tease. Yes, it is the hundredth post. And it is sort of the final one. Because for post 101, I’ll be moving this blog over to my new website, Because, let’s face it: What was I thinking? But in the meantime, I’m going to [...]

Ten Years, Man

So, it’s a new year all over again. And since we’re changing the penultimate digit this time around, I’m thinking less about everything that’s changed in 2009 and more about everything that’s changed since 2000. When 2000 rolled around it was, if you’ll recall, a big damn deal. I’m talking pomp and circumstance, and dancing [...]

I’m Officially Old

Mark and I had this conversation in the car today: Mark: “You know what? Maybe we should start bringing plastic cups with us when we travel.” “Why would we start bringing plastic cups with us when we travel?” “Because then we wouldn’t have to use the glasses in the hotel rooms.” “Oh, right, because of [...]

Merry Christmas, Awesome Dude

This is the third year in which I’ve been treated to the breathtaking Yuletide spectacle that is my neighbor’s Christmas display. Actually, he isn’t really my neighbor, meaning that I can’t see his house from anywhere on my street. Except for at Christmas, when I can. Lest you think this isn’t impressive enough, here is [...]

Cafe Throwdown

When you spend most of your days with your nose buried in your laptop, you don’t see a lot of high drama. But today was an exception. I was sitting in the Borders cafe, which was pretty crowded. A group of medical students had taken the table next to the wall, the one with easy [...]

You Know You’re a Geek When

You can proxy up an entire board game from stuff you’ve got lying around the house.

Guess Where I’m Blogging From

I’m en route to DFW tonight, to spend Thanksgiving with my parents, brother, and sister. Delta is debuting a new service, in-flight wifi. They want to charge $10 for this eventually, but it looks like the first taste is free. It’s a very slow connection, so I don’t think they’ll hook me longterm. But realistically, [...]