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Category Archives: Querying

The Long, Dark Query Process Of The Soul

Queries are out.  Or some of them, at least.  It is always hard for me to let each one go.  While I was going through this process, the agent with my full wrote back.  She doesn’t want me. Remember when I got into Boot Camp and I said, “Can I just say, this feels enormously [...]


I did finish that query letter last night, but for some reason it didn’t publish.  So, here it is: I am seeking representation for my jazz age mystery novel, The Big Life (75,000 words).  It is a spin on the classic hard-boiled detective story—from the secretary’s point of view. In 1928, Kitty Carmichael arrives in [...]

Liveblogging Wednesday: This and That, and Also Sex and the City

It’s time for another Liveblogging Wednesday.  I’m having a hard time deciding what to liveblog today.  I could work on revisions to my query letter.  Or I could work on the initial pages for the sequel to my novel. But what I really, really want to write is a pan of Sex and the City [...]

Lines on a Spreadsheet, Lines in the Sand

I’m sending more queries this week. I still have one full manuscript out from my last round of submissions, but that is no reason not to keep the ball rolling. In the past, I’ve collected a few names of agents I was really excited about, and queried them. Then, when it’s time for me to [...]

Wednesday Liveblogging: Query Me This

So, today I’m launching a new “feature” on this blog: Wednesday Liveblogging. Every Wednesday, come Hell or high water (but possibly not Boot Camp) I will spend a full eight hours liveblogging. Hopefully it will give me a lot of accountability, without having quite the paralyzing effect that trying to write a full story while [...]

Full On

So, yesterday I got my first request for the full manuscript by an agent.  Life is good.  For the next couple of hours, I literally went around singing. I’d had a partial out with this agent for three weeks, or maybe a month.  And yesterday when I saw I had a response from her, my [...]

The Terror, The Terror

Sending out more query letters today.  I tell you, every time I hit send it’s like a cold shot of ice water right through my veins. And for heaven’s sake, could someone tell me why?  I have confidence in my book, and also confidence in the facts that (1) tastes differ (2) some agents will [...]

First Partial Request

Well, what a whirlwind day. Remember that rejection I blogged about oh, six hours ago? Well, it wasn’t entirely a rejection. I mean, it was a no. But at the end of that no was a “Why don’t you contact this other agent? He likes mysteries.” So, I did. I researched Mr. Other Agent, then [...]

First Rejection

So, I woke up this morning to a nice fat rejection note in my inbox. I’ve always prided myself on the fact that I was one of those people who, darn it, could just take rejection. No big deal. Part of the business, baby. Yep, I’ve always prided myself on that, but I have to [...]